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As part of the construction to the new service yard for the HR2 rail system local housing projects in Bristol area required protecting from noise pollution.

Top security Elite bow top railings were selected to provide the style and strength required to help refurbish a travellers park in Luton.

Unison Elite horizontal board reflective noise barrier has been installed alongside the M4 motorway at Emmersons Green to protect a local housing project.

A large Bristol based motor home builder/distributor has selected 2.4 m. high Invincible 358 Elite mesh to provide the level of security they require for their project.

As part of Luton Airports 110 million pound investment drive to increase capacity by 50% by 2020 Apex Elite railings 2m high - 2.9m high and 1.8m.high ( above brickwork ) were the chosen product to secure the sensitive hanger/ runway locations.