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railings 1Top Security Fencing are pleased to have recently supplied high security railings, meeting the projects security needs as well as providing a totally maintenance free and environmentally friendly solution for the client.

The panels are manufactured fully welded from Corten steel, a high strength low alloy steel in square sections.

They are then secured to heavy beam section posts with welded internal spigot connections.

These were welded on site to plates precast into a reinforced concrete wall all fabricated from Cor-ten steel with no visible connection of the panel to the post.

This material is developed from high strength low alloy steels making it more resistant to corrosion and eliminating the need for painting or costly maintenance.

The protection is achieved by a patina layer of rust that forms on the surface during the oxidisation process when exposed to alternation wet and dry conditions.

This patina layer can take from 2 to 6 years to form, dependent on the weather conditions and site pollution.

This will then protect the steel below by slowing down any further oxidisation and provide the maintenance free finish desired.

To find out more about Corten high security steel railings contact us on 01746 763 299.