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In order to safeguard the new appearance of our Elite fencing products we offer a choice of durable protective coatings that will both enhance its image while extending the life span. The broad choice of colour available for selection (over 100 ) offers the opportunity to choose what you consider would be most effective for your project – this will not mean you incur any extortionate additional costs (less than 1% of the installed fence price).

Our experience tells us that the variation in the choice of colour chosen is increasing and has shown how effective this has been in enhancing the overall appearance for many of our projects.

From school colours, corporate colours to colours that either contrast with or compliment the location are available. All of this with a coating that will greatly extend the life of the fence means that using one of the Elite coating systems will prove to be a long term cost saving while at the same time providing all of the benefits that using the correct choice of colour gives.

Anticipated life span begins with the comprehensive pre treatment of the zinc surface, only if this is carried out correctly will the coating fully adhere. Once this is achieved the coating thickness along with site pollution levels will determine the anticipated life. The benefits that come with fencing and gates that remain looking well cared for bring not only a saving in the maintenance costs but retain the original project impression.


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