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Elite single coat system can provide up to a 25year life.

Comprising a galvanized zinc layer correctly pre treated to exacting standards will ensure that the coating bonds to the zinc surface. The coating plant used is fully automated and incorporates 8 stages of pre treatment each computer controlled to provide the correct levels of strength and temperature needed. Materials then continue along the overhead track into the drying / de gassing oven and onto a multi nozzle electrostatic spray booth receiving a minimum 80µm of high grade polyester resin. The final stage of the process is through the curing oven to bond the coating to the zinc surface.


Elite dual coating system can provide up to a 35year life.

Using the same pre treatment formula to ensure the adhesion of the coatings to the zinc materials then receive a 85µm minimum electrostatically applied coat of epoxy resin which then enters the first oven where it is green baked (soft cured) to continue onto the final curing stage where the two coatings fuse together and bond to the zinc layer giving a coating that is over twice the normal thickness.


All of the materials used are formulated and stored to demanding standards then used on modern in line computer controlled equipment with inspection recordings taken and stored throughout the process.


Either system can carry a life expectancy warranty which will be dependent on both the location and level of pollution in the site location. Warranties will require implementation of a documented inspection / maintenance programme being implemented. Should you require to formalise the warranty please ensure that this is requested prior to costing. This will enable the site location / pollution to be assessed when our offer is constructed.

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