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TOP SECURITY FENCING are pleased to introduce a new concept with their INVINCIBLE security post system.

This design provides the only post having no fixings or fittings visible to the external face of the fence.

Designed to give more strength with a higher level of security at a cost effective price giving enhances the performance of their 358 INVINCIBLE mesh providing an unblemished clean face to the fence line with no conspicuous fixing brackets or bolts on display advising any potential intruder how the fence is constructed and where any weakness may be found.

With the new design of post all fixings and fasteners are located to the internal face of the post where they are concealed behind the 358 mesh panel.

The INVINCIBLE post system comes available in a range of section sizes in order to suit the site conditions and the fence height required –from 1m up to 5.2m high using a single panel of 358 INVINCIBLE mesh in either Galfan only or Galfan and a single layer polyester resin coated finish carrying up to a 25 year life guarantee or coated with a dual coat ELITE system carrying a 35 year life guarantee.

N.B. Guarantees are fair wear and tear, subject to site location and yearly inspection.